Monday, June 15, 2009

Hello, we are Pip Emma: In the Afternoon

We are inspired by free afternoons, spontaneous tea parties, cake eating, the whiskers on kitties, melodic tunes, crushes on nice shoes, garden paths, transitory spying, your grandma's jewellery box, art deco green, fiery heroines, perfect letter press, forgotten postcards, secret histories, hidden love soon declared, wet stamps, blue stocking suffragettes, masked smugglers, red ballet shoes, the spit of punk rock, plenty of gin and tonic, rooms with open fires matched with open windows, being a little lost in fog, kissing in back alleys, handsome dada, things long forgotten found in the dark under houses and novels.

We make jewelery from laser cut wood, found things and vintage pictures.
We also gocco-print paper products.

You can find us at Cube Art + Design or by emailing and of course at the next Odd + Even!

See you there x

p.s. Currently we are having a week-long tea party in the window at Cube, come by and say hello

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